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3rd Sunday of the Resurrection & Feast of St Joseph the Worker

Saturday, 30 April 2022




Jesus himself came near and walked with them - Fr Sam Wehbe

On the third Sunday of the Resurrection, we reflect on the Lord Jesus appearing to the two disciples of Emmaus and walking with them. The two disciples were disappointed with what happened to Jesus so they decided to run away from Jerusalem and forget past memories with Him. Suddenly, Jesus appeared and walked with them towards Emmaus and started to explain to them the Books; they did not know Him until He broke the bread. Jesus did not stop them at the start, but walked with them in their journey and took his time with them to help them decide by themselves to change the direction and return to Jerusalem and proclaim the resurrection, the hope and the joy. As for us, we are called to be conscious that Christ is walking with us always. He is with us to help us when we experience difficulties, sorrow, or pain, poverty or injustice, injury or sickness, or problems, and He is with us also when are happy, strong, successful and in peace. The Lord asks us to use the same method with each other: To walk with each other and to accompany and help each other always.

Lord, accompany us in our journey, teach us and stay with us, and save us from our despair and weakness. Fill us with joy and help us to proclaim Your resurrection. Amen.

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