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REGULAR services:

St Raymond's hosts three regular weekend services, the Saturday night vigil at 6pm which is English, 8am Arabic Mass on Sunday and a 10am Arabic / English Mass on Sunday. 

Daily Service

6:00pm Mass (Arabic)


7:00pm Adoration (English/Arabic)


5:30pm Rosary, 6:00pm Mass (English/Arabic)


7:30am Rosary, 8:00am Mass (Arabic)
9:30am Rosary, 10:00am Mass (English/Arabic)

Bookings are ESSENTIAL for weekend mass please be sure to make a booking via the events page.

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+61 2 9643 0345



37-41 Wellington Rd, Auburn South

NSW 2144, Australia


To ensure the safety of parishioners and the broader community the below protocols have been implemented at St Raymond's Parish until further notice.


Sunday Obligations

His Excellency Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay has maintained the dispensation from Sunday obligations as spaces at mass are limited. St Raymond's has made mass remotely accessible via livestreaming through our St Raymond's Auburn Facebook page.

To ensure the safety and health of all Parishioners do not enter Church grounds if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a cough, sore throat or headache. The elderly, sick and vulnerable as well as those with pre-existing medical conditions should avoid public gathers or contact with others.

Weekday masses

Monday - Friday at 6:00pm

Bookings will not be necessary on weekdays, however a limit of seventy people inside the Church does still apply, therefore in the rare instance that a weekday mass does reach capacity no further people will be able to enter.

Weekend masses

Saturday at 6:00pm | Sunday at 8:00am and 10:00am

Bookings are necessary on weekends, and a limit of seventy people inside the Church will apply. To make a booking please contact the Parish office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 10:00am and 2:00pm on 02 9643 0345 or email the parish at

Confession will be available 30 minutes before each weekend mass and will be available until 15 minutes before mass commences.

Maronite Eparchy of Australia
Pastoral Letter to the Clergy and Faithful of the Maronite Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On this Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the pillars of the Church, we ask them to guide our church and strengthen and support our faith so that it remains solid, unshakable and radiates around us. We also ask for their intercession for the world which is suffering through this terrible pandemic, which has killed many and destroyed families and livelihoods.


I write today to the clergy and lay people of the Maronite Eparchy in Australia to provide an update on the liturgical directives during the coming weeks as most of the Australian states are further easing restrictions on gatherings, with the exception of the state of Victoria.


From 27 June and 29 June 2020 respectively, the states of Western Australia and South Australia have a new ‘2 square metre rule per person’, with no upper limit on attendance.


In New South Wales, the number of people allowed inside indoor venues will be determined by the ‘one person per 4 square metre’ rule, with no upper limit.


In Queensland, 100 people will be allowed in places of worship from 10 July 2020, while maintaining the ‘one person per 4 square metre’ rule.


Every parish is to calculate the number of congregants permitted in the church and in parish halls, based on the indoor area of every space and the rules of the state.


The following directives apply to the Maronite parishes in all states except Victoria. I will be issuing a particular letter to our parish Maronite community and parish in Victoria.


Celebrations of the Holy Sacraments are to be held with attendance restricted to the limits issued by every state. If the number of congregants exceeds the permissible limit, the overflow of people can be seated outdoors or in separate halls or venues with a livestream or broadcast to these halls.


Larger parishes can add extra services, based on their local needs.


Christenings, Funerals and Weddings: the celebration of these sacraments can take place but must adhere to the attendance restrictions outlined above.

Reconciliation: The Sacrament of Reconciliation can be offered with preventative measures for COVID-19 transmission to be taken if using the church’s confessionals to hear confessions.


Anointing of the Sick: The priests will continue to offer pastoral care and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick to all Maronites who require it with extra hygiene precautions.

Committee and group gatherings are allowed to resume, subject to gathering limits and the spaces they are held in (for example: if a bible study group has 25 attendees, the size of the room must be 100sqm for QLD and NSW, or 50sqm for SA and WA). These include parish group meetings of all ages, bible studies, spiritual talks, language schools, spiritual retreats, sacramental preparation lessons (Reconciliation and First Holy Communion). The resumption of these activities remains at the discretion of the Parish Priest so committees need to check with their parish before making any arrangements.


Church Halls and Facilities: bookings of the church halls or rooms for condolences or any other event can be accepted starting from the dates mentioned above for every state. Attendance is to adhere to the rules of every state.

Halls can be booked for mercy meals for family only and with limited attendance and very strict hygiene and food safety measures (no sharing of serving utensils...).

Every effort is to be made to ensure that churches and facilities are cleaned and disinfected after every gathering and as often as practically possible.

Registers: Once the new rules take effect in every state, churches may no longer be required to maintain records of every visitor to the church. This will be confirmed once instructions are received from the State Governments. The current records should be kept for 28 days then disposed of safely and securely.

Temporary Dispensation from the Obligation of Sunday Mass: as issued on 20 March 2020, the faithful of our Eparchy are still granted a temporary dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Feast Days if they cannot, for reasonable reasons, attend mass at a church.

Sunday is still a Holy Day and the obligation to keep the Lord’s Day holy can be fulfilled by watching the celebration of the Mass through social media or on television, or observing a time of prayer. However, I encourage Maronites to make an effort to attend at least one weekly mass at their local parish as restrictions are eased.

Live Streaming: the livestreaming of services will continue but will be reduced to one mass on weekdays and up to two masses on Sundays, where applicable. Refer to your parish for times and schedules.

A reminder of the previous directives that still apply:

  • Communion is to be distributed in the hand and can only be received during Mass, during the visitation of the sick or in case of the risk of death, or extreme necessity, and cannot be received outside these times.

  • Holy Water will temporarily be removed from stoups at the doors but is available on request.

  • Physical contact is to be avoided during the exchange of the Sign of Peace.

  • The collection plates shall not be passed from hand to hand during Masses.

  • Social distancing is to be observed at all times in the church, including entering and exiting the church and while queuing to receive Communion. If feasible, congregants are to remain in their seats and clergy are to distribute communion to each row at a time.

  • Hand sanitisers to be provided at church doors and churches to be disinfected before and after liturgies.

  • People who are showing any signs of illness should not attend the parish church or grounds.

  • It is recommended that the elderly, sick and vulnerable people avoid public gatherings or contact with others for their safety.


May the blessings of Saints Peter and Paul, the pillars upon which the holy Church was built, be with us and guide us to become living stones on which the spiritual temple of Christ is built (1 Peter 2:5). And may God grant healing to the sick and to all those suffering, through the
intercession of these two great saints.

In God's Love

+ Antoine-Charbel Tarabay
Maronite Bishop of Australia