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Youth Day Trip,
Hunter Valley

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St Ray's Departure

7AM - 10 AM

Our day trip begins soon after the sun rises for the day, at 7AM we will all board the bus from St Raymond's Parish Auburn. 

The trip is roughly two hours, with an additional hour for stops and boarding.

James Estate Winery

10 AM - 11 AM

Upon arrival at the wonderful James Estate Winery we will break off into small groups to make our way through all the different ones we'd like to try any any purchases we may want to make.

IGNITE Youth Adoration

Last Wednesday of each Month

Ignite is a place to encounter the person of Jesus Christ, be filled the fire of the holy spirit and be embraced in the mercy of God the father. In adoration of Christ present in the Eucharist, there is space for personal prayer, reflections and worship

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